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Is Red Meat Good While Dieting?

I have coached loads of people on this.

Red meat is good in very strict moderation when you are trying to lose weight.  It is great if you can skip it for a few weeks at a time.  Chicken, I might add, is also not great when you’re trying to lose weight.  Nor is pork.

If you must eat meat, please, ALWAYS eat organic meat.  If you’re eating less meat, you can afford it. And if you are varying your intake of traditional meats with offal, it becomes even more affordable.

The key with meat is to keep it clean, lean, and ensure you are not eating it at night, or with carbohydrates like potatoes or rice.  The best accompaniment to meat is a green vegetable or salad.

If you’re a meat addict, you’ll need to cut out a lot of other foods to lose weight.  This I do not condone.

You may be able to get away with a high carb, high fiber breakfast, like organic bran cereal or porridge, a small portion of lean grilled meat and a clean and lean vegetable for lunch, and a superfood salad for dinner.

However, I find people have MUCH better results eating fish and removing red meat, poultry and pork from their diet for awhile. Then when they eventually have it again, they actually feel how heavy it is in their bodies, and usually stick to eating it once or twice a month.

Again, if you’re eating meat make sure it clean, lean, and organic. If you can, try offal – liver, hearts, kidneys, etc.  as these are lean, inexpensive and packed with vitamins.

There are some superb cookbooks on offal, that can really have you diversifying your intake of red meats, and doing so healthily. You’ll need to vet your recipes to ensure you’re cooking with other lean ingredients and not carbohydrates or added animal fats.

I recommend Anissa Helou’s The Fifth Quarter, or Nose to Tail Eating by Fergus Henderson.

Love to you all!
La Libertini