Dressing While Dieting (and other great wardrobe tips)

Figuring out what to wear while you’re working your way to a skinnier you can be tricky.

As you are working your way to your goal weight, there’s not much point in buying many clothes apart from shoes that you need, and underwear. Maybe some accessories as a treat from time to time. 

If you’re losing a lot of weight, you may need to buy “interim clothes” for each season, but you should minimize your spending.

You don’t want to develop attachments to clothing – old or new. And you will want to save your money for later, when you are at your ideal weight.

Once you arrive at your ideal weight, clothes will look amazing on you, and it will be a pleasure to shop and dress yourself.

For many people the change may be uncomfortable or unsettling, as with other types of major life changes. Body image is hard to alter and very difficult to part with, even if that image is unattractive. Be aware of this, and plan to modify your wardrobe carefully along the way.

Try wearing more black or darker clothing, in simple tailored designs. It makes you look thinner and taller. Don’t wear striped, bright or tight clothing, wild designs or patterns, particularly if you are very overweight – they are not doing you any favors!

NEVER save “fat clothes” – clothes you save for when you gain more weight. Get rid of all of them, and plan to shed more of these as you start losing. “Dream clothes” – clothes that are too small for you – keep these in storage as you will fit into them again and can take a call as to whether they are flattering in a later review.

Ladies, box up any maternity clothes and put them in storage if you plan to have another baby. And if they weren’t really flattering the last time you wore them, treat them as other clothes that don’t work anymore. If you are unconcerned with cost, you can certainly get rid of all of them.

Whatever your weight, your wardrobe should always be organized.

You should only have accessible and in your reach, clothes, shoes and accessories that:

– Are appropriate for the season
– Fit you well
– Are relevant to contemporary fashion

This ensures that there is no clutter in your closet, you can see and reach everything easily, and everything actually works as a piece of clothing. Anything else – store it or give it AWAY.

You want your wardrobe to work for you, not for you to work for your wardrobe, constantly shuffling through heaps of irrelevant clothes to find the things you want. Limit your choices to only what is relevant, and you can only look relevant!

If you don’t know what is relevant, it may be worth perusing some good fashion magazines and seeing what is what in your wardrobe. Even if you are planning some major changes, the only thing worse than an unflattering bit of clothing is actually knowing that it’s not flattering, and continuing to wear it. Just say no, and set it aside.

Fashion is mystery to many people, but don’t worry, it will come with a bit of study. But you’ll need to put the effort in – everyone has to. You certainly don’t have to be a slave to fashion, but you don’t want to look outdated or ridiculous.

Plan to do a seasonal (i.e. 4x a year or every 3 months) clear-out and wardrobe review. If you don’t have a lot of room you can store things you are not wearing into empty suitcases. If you travel, what’s in it goes on the bed and back in when you return. Store out of season shoes in the attic or on the highest shelves that are out of the way.

Organizing should not take a long time – maybe longer the first time or if you’ve not done it before. Get each piece of clothing and try it on in front of a full length mirror. Ask a fashionable friend or relative to help you. Even a partner will do. Or even better, a fashionable teenager – they are very likely to tell you the truth!

Make sure you give yourself the time to do it properly and also consider your shoes, jewelry and accessories.

If you have trouble throwing things away or giving to charity, ask your friend, partner or brutal teenager to be ruthless with you. Does it fit well? Is it appropriate for the season? Is it relevant? Be honest with yourself. Create a bag for charity and a bag for the attic. Anything in doubt – just store it away for now. In 3 months you can review it all again.

So, here’s your review step by step:

1. Set aside at least one hour, two hours if you can
2. Ask a fashionable friend, partner, or young adult to help you
3. Find a place to put clothes you are not wearing
4. Have several bags and boxes at hand, some for storage, some for charity
5. Arrange a full-length mirror and comfortable dressing area with good lighting
6. Sort immediately anything out of season, out of fashion, or definitely not your size
7. Go through each remaining piece and be brutally honest with yourself
8. Fold clothes you are not wearing and store away
9. Get any washing, dry-cleaning, or repairs of current clothes done quickly
10. Put your next review in your calendar

Love to you all!
La Libertini

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