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Its a Cow’s Life… For Goodness Sake Try Grain Milks

I’ve got a bee in my bonnet about dairy products.  One might say I’m a bit fanatical.  If you have read my missive about what foods you should avoid when you’re trying to lose weight, you know I have it in for dairy.

I will admit, I do enjoy a drop of skimmed organic milk with my coffee, and occasionally (like once a month) I have cheese.  When I was preggo I had glasses of skimmed milk.  But really as things go, I am not a lover of dairy.

So… the other night I was looking on Ye Olde Handy Internet, trying to discover why I thought I may have been brainwashed by my friends in a Macrobiotic cult in the 1980s. They eschewed dairy – it was like a poison.  Really, nothing was worse than dairy.

So, I did some research into the life of dairy cows.  I knew their lives were bad, but not that bad.  Even organic dairy cows don’t have that great a life, so now I’m skeptical about that and will reduce my consumption of organic dairy also.  It is also unnecessary for humans to consume.

Here are some lovely facts about dairy cows on Wikipedia – a softer touch.

There are other more dramatic descriptions here on Dawn Watch and milksucks.com

Clearly there are some folks who are VERY anti-dairy.  And having read these web sites, I would advise any lacto-vegetarian to seriously consider grain milks instead.

In addition to having a mostly terrible life, dairy cows are eventually slaughtered for hamburger and dog food, so if you are really concerned about animal welfare, maybe re-think why you think you need dairy products.

So, why do people drink milk?  Well, the diary industry does a big job on people. Some people are convinced that milk is a requirement.  Mothers give their kids milk because they will drink it, and it allegedly contains must-have nutrients that are hard to come by. That is, if your kid won’t eat any decent food.

My son cannot tolerate dairy, so he has soy formula and unsweetened Rice Dream.  He loves Rice Dream.  There are lots of people who can’t tolerate dairy. Others just don’t have it as part of their culture.  In any case, not eating dairy forces you to be more imaginative about other types of foods, more valuable and more nutritious.

I think eating or drinking the mammary secretions of another mammal is just plain odd.  And quitting meat or fish and ingesting dairy as a protein substitute is, I think, also very odd.

In my view it is best to have very little dairy, and feel strongly that if you do eat it, it should be organic and fat-free.  It is however, totally avoidable.  I feel the same way about meats and poultry. Less is more – and organic is definitely best.

So what would you have instead of milk?  There are several fantastic grain milks that are very easy to come by.  You can get all of them unsweetened and many come calcium fortified and also organic.  Here they are:

  • Soy milk – Much improved, available everywhere, you can put it into your coffee, there are crazy flavours like chocolate and strawberry and banana, but these contain sugar and / or other sweeteners, which I maintain are NOT necessary and are a risk to health.
  • Rice milk – Rice Dream is my favourite, and my 1 year old son likes it too, great on cereal and just as a nice refreshing drink.
  • Oat milk – What a revelation!  Great on cereal, a bit heavier than rice milk and nice to create variety in your grain milk diet.
  • Quinoa milk – Harder to find, but a lovely grain taste that goes great with cereal.

Obviously if you are trying to lose weight, you’ll need to count your calories with grain milks like you would with anything else.  Don’t drink more than 100 calories of soy, rice, oat, or quinoa milk at any one time – its not necessary.

If you go over to the dark side and take in some dairy product from time to time, make sure it is organic and that you do so every once in awhile.  I might also add that if you are eating full-fat cheeses, you’ll need a LOT of luck losing weight and in particular cellulite.

Remove cheese from your diet and you can reap health benefits straight away.

Grain milks – the way forward!

Love to you all!
La Libertini

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