Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny Feels


I heard a certain supermodel got into trouble for saying this.  But is it true?  I think so. Obviously it depends on how skinny you are talking.  Optimum weight?  Sure. Anorexic?  Uh, no.  (Women your BMI should be anywhere from 19-24, anything else is under or overweight.)

But back to what this actually means:  No food is worth sacrificing your health for.  No birthday cake, no sneaky ice cream or chocolate, no leftover pizza, no second helping of takeaway, no buckets of fried chicken, no late night snacking.

It is, quite simply, better to aspire and to be and to remain – thin, than to cave into your desire for bad foods.

And bad foods are not only the way to gain weight – there are lots of people eating really great organic, healthy foods who simply eat too much.  They too, just wind up carrying around a lot of excess junk in the trunk.

Am I promoting abstinence from pleasure?  Well, that depends on what you call pleasure.

I consider it a pleasure to dress myself easily.

I consider it a pleasure to have more energy.

A pleasure to look forward to exercise.

A pleasure not to have high blood pressure, or diabetes.

I consider it a pleasure not to be squashed in Economy, or squash others.

A pleasure not to have a fear of being naked in the gym locker room.

Mostly, a pleasure of not thinking about my body at all really!

You can be free.  Just remember that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.

Love to you all!!
La Libertini

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